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Victor Chen

Enabling Security Guardrails: Infra as Code with CDK for Terraform

In this post, we describe how the Zip security team leveraged the Python CDK for Terraform (CDKTF) to enforce security guardrails for our AWS infrastructure. We provide example configurations and code to help other security teams build their own secure AWS infrastructure-as-code. Background Like any early stage startup, Zip’s...

Etienne Tripier
Raymond Yin

Alice Neel and Static Type Checking

We were asked to write a blog post about how we integrated a static type checker into our Python codebase and thought of Alice Neel. It is a bit of a reach. Alice Neel was one of the greatest portrait painters ever and a master of Expressionism. Static type checkers...

Alicia Zhou

Building On-Call Culture at Zip

The on-call process is nothing new at tech companies. When your service goes down due to unexpected reasons, someone needs to be around to fix issues and save your company from frustrated customers and lost revenue. Similar to product development, a mature, efficient on-call process takes effort to develop and...

Forest Hu

Streamlining the Transaction Lifecycle with Receipt Matching

Zip is committed to being the one-stop shop for all your procurement needs. As a part of this mission, we recently launched our Vendor Cards product to empower customers to efficiently pay for and manage their expenses. While our Vendor Cards product launched with a robust feature set, we’re...

Andrew Hunt

Rewriting Our Component Library With Material UI

tl;dr Rebuilding Zip's component library with Material UI has helped promote consistency and best practices across our codebase. Material UI offers a thoughtful developer experience and is built to support thorough customization. The availability of quality open-source component libraries should make frontend teams think twice before building...

Vibhav Kotriwala
Joseph Tobin

Demystifying Business Finances: How Zip's Accounting System Works

Ever wondered how B2B fintech companies handle finances as they grow and serve more customers? Let's find out by diving into Zip's recently launched accounting system! TLDR Zip’s accounting ledger service is a highly scalable, immutable, and eventually consistent system that underpins bookkeeping, reconciliation, and...

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